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Blizzy / Oct 05, 2012

We did it again guys, took dreaming bay from the frenchies!
After some heavy earlier battles againts the germans, getting booted out twice.
A very very close attempt at taking it, sadly the pc gods decided to drop the framerates to abysmal numbers for some of our fellow combattants.
But then finally a sneaky attack whilst the french were occupied on other fronts. They came back seconds too late and we slaughtered those that were trapped inside.

We held it for a good half hour, going back and forth between outer and inner walls. Ravaging the french hordes with arrowcarts. Alas supply starved, we had to concede eventually.

We know how to take em, now all we need to learn is how to hold them :D

Ty all for a fun thursday night!!!

If you have any pictures/video, feel free to post em in a dumpthread.
(some ppl were dead, murdering around,etc so not everyone is in this shot)