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Recruitment handled ingame
For Forum access, contact founders/veterans.

The following is preserved but no longer actively used.

Recruitment policy

Any application out of game must be done via the template. Other formats will be denied.
We do not require a wall of text, concise and direct answers are appreciated.
We are more interested in your mindset (do you fit in our group and ideas), skill level can be improved. Character is mostly set in stone.
We only recruit ages 16 and up
Don't forget to take a look at our charter

Once your application is approved you will be subject to a test period of 2 weeks. If nothing major occurs you will then be granted full member status.
Any member is required to be on voice comms during the "active hours". You don’t have to talk, but you must be able to listen.
Our active hours are as follows: 20.00-23.00, tuesdays, thursdays & sundays

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Our current recruitment status is as follows

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