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#6554424 Aug 15, 2012 at 02:43 PM
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Game related
1)Applicant character name, level & class?
Kcquipor , level 20 on BWE , elementalist

2)Any planned alt (Include only those you deem worthy of mentioning)
Maybe a guardian for SPvP

3)Your exploits in gw2 so far (crafting lvl, WvW/dungeons/spvp experience)

I had jewelcrafting and tailoring on lvl 50 , did a lot of WvW and SpvP )

4)Do you have a mic & are you talkative in guild / voice comms?
I'm a very social person :) i need people to talk with when i'm playing :D

5)Previous MMO experience (game; time spent), maybe charnames / server
WoW , around 100days ingame hours , GW1 : +3000Hours

6)Previous guild experience (what focus and what position did you hold)
For WoW i was in a hardcore PvE guild , focusing on realm first kills , on GW1 i was in a hardcore pvp guild for AB/JQ and farming MTSC for kurzick points for keeping a city :)

7)Have you spoken/played with any of us ingame yet ? Who(m)?
I dont think so

Personality related
1)How old are you?

2)Where are you from/where do you live?
Belgium , Gent

3)What days can you play on and at what times (approximately)?
Every day and every hour if needed , i'm unemployed
4)Any special schedule where you know you can't be online (other hobby, etc..)?
nothing at all :) i don't have any hobby's :p

5)How would you describe yourself as a person and a gamer. (be concise use key concepts)
Someone that likes to play with other people , i'm not such a solo gamer :P i need people around me :) and i will always try to be the best :)

Additional info
1)How did you hear about us?
From the forum
2)What do you expect from us?
Massive WvWvW matches :D
3)And what can we expect from you?
Great support and help for WvWvW to win :)
4)Anything additional you want to add that was missing.

Not really :) i just hope we will enjoy our selfs in Guild Wars 2 :)
my Ingame ID is : Kcquipor.6730 to invite me :)
#6554600 Aug 15, 2012 at 03:20 PM
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Welcome to COW.
I gladly accept you in our ranks, we have an initiate rank that will start at the launch.

Please add a character to your profile, this thread will help you out:

Meanwhile you are welcome to participate on the forum and teamspeak. I will give you the details in a private message after you created a character.
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