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#6605498 Aug 23, 2012 at 07:17 PM
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Game related
1)Applicant character name, level & class?

Axira, level 1, Thief

2)Any planned alt (Include only those you deem worthy of mentioning)

Nothing planned so far. Very interested in thieves at the moment.

3)Your exploits in gw2 so far (crafting lvl, WvW/dungeons/spvp experience)

Completely new to the game.

4)Do you have a mic & are you talkative in guild / voice comms?

Talking with vent or skype shouldn't be a problem. (Preferably VT or something else than Skype)

5)Previous MMO experience (game; time spent), maybe charnames / server

WoW... I lost count of the years. I used to be in Inner Sanctum for many years, a top world #1-10 guild on Silvermoon for many years.

6)Previous guild experience (what focus and what position did you hold)

I'm usually the quiet dedicated guy that pipes up when he thinks something useful can be pointed out or said.

7)Have you spoken/played with any of us ingame yet ? Who(m)?


Personality related
1)How old are you?


2)Where are you from/where do you live?


3)What days can you play on and at what times (approximately)?

Every day if I'm not busy dating your mother.

4)Any special schedule where you know you can't be online (other hobby, etc..)?


5)How would you describe yourself as a person and a gamer. (be concise use key concepts)

I think I'm mostly a very relaxed, chill guy... that takes gaming seriously and tends to learn games very fast.
I've never cared for the role of raidleader in any MMO games, but I usually manage to point and figure out working tactics for encounters and I feel like I've very often supported the leadership a lot with finding working tactics or ways to make the guild work more efficient. I'm however not bossy at all... and tend to mind my own business.

Additional info
1)How did you hear about us?
9lives forums and I remember the guildname from WoW back when it started on Burning Legion at launch.

2)What do you expect from us?

100 euros / night I'm online and Free Tickets to Six Flags. (Just kidding).
I'm not really expecting anything but to find a guild with equally enthousiastic gamers.

3)And what can we expect from you?

Absolutely nothing. I'm useless... Nah. I'm just a dedicated gamer, online a lot, learns fast, I usually take pride in trying to be one of the best in a game.

4)Anything additional you want to add that was missing.

#6606401 Aug 23, 2012 at 09:41 PM · Edited 10 years ago
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First of all, you have a special way of interpreting our application form.
If it reflects your personality then we will have a great time in the guild.
I accept you in cow. We have an initiate rank which will start at launch.

Please add a character to your profile, this thread will help you out:

Meanwhile you are welcome to participate on the forum and teamspeak. All the necessary information is on our forums.
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