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Game related
1)Applicant character name, level & class?
Avatar Delory Zizin, 13, Elementist (I have a female character since I think that suited the character better, I am a male though just so you know :P)

2)Any planned alt (Include only those you deem worthy of mentioning)
Asura Engineer, Norn Hunter

3)Your exploits in gw2 so far (crafting lvl, WvW/dungeons/spvp experience)
Atm my tailoring is at 20 and artificing at 13

4)Do you have a mic & are you talkative in guild / voice comms?
Yes I am.

5)Previous MMO experience (game; time spent), maybe charnames / server
I played WoW for about 2 years on private servers (I didnt have money) and about 4 months on real WoW. I had a 82 warlock Ignar at I thought the server wildhammer. I also player SWTOR for 3 months (dont remember server/name though :S). I played Vindictus for 4 months, RYL for 1 year, LOTRO 6 months (dont remember anything though :S).

6)Previous guild experience (what focus and what position did you hold)
I have been in a TF2 guild where I led our competitive squad together with a friend of mine. I have been guild leader in a very succesfull guild on a anarchy type pvp Minecraft server.

7)Have you spoken/played with any of us ingame yet ? Who(m)?

Personality related
1)How old are you?
17(18 at the 15th of september)

2)Where are you from/where do you live?
Amersfoort, Holland

3)What days can you play on and at what times (approximately)?
Friday, Sunday 100%. In the summer I have to preform some saterdays with my showband (till the end in december 2012 I have about 5 more preformances. Throughout the week it really depends on school, I am doing exams this year so I will be busy now and then, I will be able to pick 1 or 2 evenings atleast though!

4)Any special schedule where you know you can't be online (other hobby, etc..)?
See above.

5)How would you describe yourself as a person and a gamer. (be concise use key concepts)
Mature, Stubburn, Enthousiastic, One who takes initiative.

Additional info
1)How did you hear about us?

2)What do you expect from us?
I expect a social and good guild that will build up in the server and does regular Pve,Pvp and WvW

3)And what can we expect from you?
Dedication to the guild, nice social person and experienced member

4)Anything additional you want to add that was missing.
If you have any questions or dont understand parts of my application feel free to invite me to TS3 for a conversation, my English writing is bad compared to speech.
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We gladly accept you in our ranks, we have an initiate rank for 2 weeks.

Please add a character to your profile, this thread will help you out:

Please contact any officer for an invite (see pm)
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