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#6681682 Sep 07, 2012 at 11:01 AM · Edited 10 years ago
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It may have gone unnoticed to some, but we have unlocked the guildbank for a while now :)
I'll give it some exposition in this post, since it isn't all that easy to find.

But first the guidelines.
We cannot stash any siege weaponry since it's accountbound. So we decided to use the bank for other means. Consumables from cooking/articifer, unneeded gear you want to share with guildies, sigils, runes & rare crafting mats they may all be placed in the bank.

At this time initiates & members may post in the bank, retrieval will work with a forumpost and any officer will get you your stuff.
Members have priority over initiates for retrieval.
Permissions will probably change when we have the second bank unlocked.

You may have noticed that you can deposit and withdraw monies aswell, we are not actively using this at the time.
However we will use it in some form to fund keeps & sieges, when the daily reset period is over. At the meantime feel free to make donations, we pledge to only use them for WvW.

Auditing the bank, any guildmember has full auditing rights. On the left, the second tab is a list of any transactions with the guildbank. This cannot be wiped by anyone.


Access to the bank is easy via guildregistrars (scroll icon) & specific guildbank npc's (chest icon)
My screens are from LA, since this is the biggest hub. But they are available in all major cities.

Auditing tab:

#6764109 Sep 25, 2012 at 11:45 AM
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Treasure trove has been unlocked (second tab in the guildbank).
We have decided to open up the entire 50 slot tab for all member transactions.
This means members are free to deposit & withdraw at their leisure.

Rare quality and up will be stored in the treasure trove, aswell as specialized mats.
Retrieval of these will work in the former system. By making a request in the designated thread:
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