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#6793169 Oct 02, 2012 at 07:46 PM · Edited 10 years ago
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Game related
1)Account name (include the 4 digits, invite purposes) ?

2)Applicant character name, level & class?
Thasdan, 55, Warrior

3)Any planned alt (Include only those you deem worthy of mentioning)

4)Your exploits in gw2 so far (crafting lvl, WvW/dungeons/spvp experience)
I've done dungeons and spvp.. Rest not worth mentioning :)

5)Do you have a mic & are you talkative in guild / voice comms?

6)Previous MMO experience (game; time spent), maybe charnames / server
World of Warcraft = to long, omedus/valanos, Anachronos

7)Previous guild experience (what focus and what position did you hold)
Elektronic Destiny, Co Starter

8)Have you spoken/played with any of us ingame yet ? Who(m)?

Personality related
1)How old are you?
20 years

2)Where are you from/where do you live?
Belgium, West- Vlaanderen, Bredene Dorp.

3)What days can you play on and at what times (approximately)?
Always except weekends And morning most of the time lessons.

4)Any special schedule where you know you can't be online (other hobby, etc..)?
Nope ^^ Not yet.

5)How would you describe yourself as a person and a gamer. (be concise use key concepts)
Friendly, Funny, Helpfull,... hard to say negative things about yourself.. :p

Additional info
1)How did you hear about us?
By krulle (Cyrregar), real life buddy.

2)What do you expect from us?
Nice and friendly guild. Experienced

3)And what can we expect from you?
What can I do for you (the guild)?
Helping in pvp/pve, and another new soul in the guild ^^

4)Anything additional you want to add that was missing.
Nah, you will know me better IG and on mic. So guess that's all.

Oh btw... Hard questions.. :-)
Kind regards
Kind regards
#6793410 Oct 02, 2012 at 08:49 PM
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Hey Thasdan,

Thank you for applying, we will start you off with a two week trial period.
Thx again for adding full account name, this makes inviting a lot easier.

Please add a character to your profile, this thread will help you out:
Our voicechat information can be found in the welcome post:

Welcome to CoW!
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