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#6859975 Oct 18, 2012 at 04:07 AM · Edited 10 years ago
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Game related

Account name: Xayphon.4193

Applicant character name, level & class: Xaicon, Level 49 Elementalist

Any planned alt: Guardian

Your exploits in gw2 so far: I once got myself a crafting job, but I haven't had much interest in it so far since I've been going for leveling/exploring a lot lately - No WvW, dungeon or PvP experience whatsoever

Do you have a mic & are you talkative in guild / voice comms?: I am talkative in the chat. In voicechats, I often tend to "explore" new people first, which means I'm rather quiet at the beginning

Previous MMO experience (game; time spent), maybe charnames / server: I have played gw1 several years ago whenever I had the chance to get on my sister's comp // Phantasy Star Online 2 (MMORPG that is only released in Japan so far)

Previous guild experience (what focus and what position did you hold): I've had some positions on other unrelated websites and communities where I had to take responsibility, however, this is my first guild in gw2

Have you spoken/played with any of us ingame yet?: Maybe saw a few players but otherwise complete nope

Personality related

Age: 18

Location: Germany

What days can you play on and at what times (approximately)?: I expect myself to be able to come online each day during the evenings at least, but you never know

Any special schedule where you know you can't be online (other hobby, etc..)?: Whenever I'm riding my bike // Rhythm gaming training for myself // Probably a bit busy on November 1st - 16th due to job application test, as well as next year from february - june (13th grade A-Level exams and oral exams) (I see what I can do in terms of coming online) // Regular exams studytime of course

How would you describe yourself as a person and a gamer. (be concise use key concepts):

-> I'm more the person who likes to play in a whole Team than alone, which is why I want to join a guild
-> I hate excessive competitive playing/elitism
-> I really dislike players who get mad over the smallest thing imaginable, seriously (same goes for arrogance and bragging)
-> Extremely modest when it comes to bragging
-> Either extremely stubborn or helpful, dependant on my mood
-> Perfectionist
-> Always have an open ear for any kind of RL problem

Additional info

How did you hear about us?: gw2guilds

What do you expect from us?: I expect this guild to enjoy this game as a community rather than "hurrr we want to win everything", along with an respectful, supportive and nice atmosphere

And what can we expect from you?: I try to be as loyal to the guild as possible, and behave myself accordingly to what I have stated above

Anything additional you want to add that was missing: Playing alone really lowers my motivation and interest to keep playing, and I hope this guild will change that

#6867749 Oct 19, 2012 at 08:04 PM
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Oh sorry I didn't know this guild is more french-based <_<''

You can delete this ;w;
#6867952 Oct 19, 2012 at 08:50 PM
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We aren't french?

We are an international guild (english speaking)
#6868516 Oct 19, 2012 at 11:02 PM
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To be completely honest, I was wondering why nobody has responded yet even though I've seen you guys online on that TS thingy yesterday and today, while on other threads some people got a reply after 1 hour, and I started coming up with stuff which could've been the reason for no replies yet

Then I saw the leaders and officers being from Belgium and I started to think that the majority of this guild speaks rather french than english

I'm sorry for the inconvenience... that's embarassing @.@
#6870070 Oct 20, 2012 at 09:35 AM
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No worries,

We were just busy at that time and I was kinda tired afterwards. It can take up to a day to process your application.
All the Belgian people are currently dutch speaking. Of course we do speak english in guildchat.

Thank you for applying, we will start you off with a two week trial period.
Thanks again for adding full account name, this makes inviting a lot easier.

Please add a character to your profile, this thread will help you out:
Our voicechat information can be found in the welcome post:

Welcome to CoW!
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