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All guild members are expected to know and follow these policies. Any and all changes to them will be made public, members need to be aware of these.

1.1 Membership
We ask our members to always represent when they are on the character that applied to our guild. You can do on your alts how you please. However representing and staying in the community is always appreciated.

1.2 Member communication
All members must be on voice communications during our active hours. You are free to do as you will outside of these. However, again, we encourage you to stay in the community during off times. Members are expected to make active use of our forums.

2.1 Decision making
Any and all decisions will be acted upon by the council (GM & officer corps). Decisions with a high impact on all members will be put forward to them, feedback is deemed necessary and will be taken into account.

3.1 WvW contributions (highly subject to change)
We might need small membership contributions to fuel our expeditions in WvW. This is to keep an overview of siege materials, and so the same persons don't always buy while others piggyback. Contributions may scale according to position/activity in the guild. Need for this system will be seen in the weeks after launch. depending on member income, market possibilities, and siege organization.

3.2 General WvW policy
Signing: everyone must sign, this is not optional. This gives us insight of attendance for the event. So when you can't come, sign NO (you may leave a comment).
If you are online then you have to attend. Prioritize the WvW as we are MAINLY a WvW guild.
No alts allowed: Show up on your main (best character/max level).
Being on time: Queue on time (an hour upfront if possible, depends on queue).
Don't go afk, plan your mealtime beforehand or while your in the queue.
Don't leave early, the event is done at 23:00 or when the officers call it.
Exceptions: to be discussed with the eventleader(s)

4.1 Guild representation
Always act cordially, especially in map channels / WvW channels. How you act reflects on the guild as a whole, be aware of this! Any acts of misdemeanor reported to us will be looked into.

4.2 Intra guild representation
Chat is more loosely in guild channels / voice comms However nobody likes a tattle tale, what happens in guild stays in guild!

5.1 Drama
Sadly guilds & grouping can become a breeding ground for drama. Any drama (inter/intra guild) will be taken seriously and will be investigated. If anything occurs, talk to your designated officer (or another if this person is not available) Take screenshots, proof can greatly strengthen your case.

5.2 Disciplinary action
Any terms used in this article are vague. The council will look into things on a case per case basis. Depending on the severity you can be expelled from guild activities for some time (no tag, no representation). You can be asked to leave the guild as a whole if need be.